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Alert: Electoral fraud

Electoral fraud, election manipulation, or vote rigging is illegal interference with the process of an election. Acts of fraud affect vote counts to bring about an election
result, whether by increasing the vote share of the favored candidate, depressing thevote share of the rival candidates, or both. What constitutes electoral fraud under theSomali Penal LawIn 2012, Somalia adopted its new constitution that states that the country hasbicameral legislature (article 55) and the members of the house of people of thefederal parliament shall be elected by the citizens of Somalia (article 64).The constitution set a transitional plan where the president and other governmentbodies draft basic laws (including election law). The National Independent ElectoralCommission was established to organize election not in accordance with article111G but with what it has been called ‘indirect’ electoral system whereby the 275 members of the Parliament will be selected through the power sharing formula of4:5 and at their regional/state location.

All concerned Hiiraan citizens including the Committee of Hiiraan Elders, civilsociety, Youth and Women organisations, professional associations are expressing
serious misgivings about the way the current government is deceiving and selecting their nominees to the Parliament in order to pursue personal and clan interests.
The process is as a “rigged”, “undemocratic” and a “charade” than anyone could possible envisage. After 9 months of stalemate with the Hiiraan people on the terms
and conditions of engagement for the state formation with Middle Shabelle, the government came up with the feeble excuse that the cities of Beled/Weyne and
Jowhar are less safer than Mogadishu therefore election sites are being moved to Mogadishu. Remarkably, Beled/Weyne is home for UN and AMISOM contingency of the last 5 years and have little or no bomb explosion/assassination as in Mogadishu. The Government is trying to rob the 8 seats for the Upper House and 36 seats for the Parliament that Hiiraan/Middle Shabelle are entitled for their ‘cronies’ who are programmed to support President Hassan’s re-election.

Hiiraan concerned citizens are forwarding their grievances and the Prosecution should examine evidences of this electoral fraud. The Prosecuting authorities are
responsible for taking cases of any alleged electoral fraud to Court now standing that Hassan’s administration failed to establish the national Judicial system, yet the right for a legal remedy is a Constitutional one.The well-wishers of Somalia including UN, AU, EU, all concerned foreign Embassies
and IGAD should throw up its hands in horror at this electoral malpractice that is revealing its danger of throwing Somalia back into civil strife. They should not be
complicit of favouring President Hassan above other candidates and on the expenses of his own people and particular of Hiiraan and Middle Shabelle regions.

The current harsh climax set for the Presidential election is crafting an outcome that will alienate Somali citizens as well as any competing candidate for Presidency but sadly enough it will also tarnish the public trust in any future election system.


The Committee of Hiiraan Elders
Hiiraan civil society
Youth organisations
Women organisations
Professional associations.
Beled/Weyn, 30h September 2016


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