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Somalia a state of confusion-What is the different between Somalia and Somaliland since the collapse of the central government 1991.

Thursday, March 24, 2022-While International donors have provided large sums to support  military and civilian-led stabilization in Somalia.There are three main forms of conflict in Somalia today: political conflict,luck of leadership, and violent extremism. but the reality is there will be no stable Somalia without presidential election.

Either way, there is no sign that Somalia’s delayed parliamentary and presidential elections will begin any time soon specially,elections upper,lower house speakers and president.1-The Somali Constitution isn't working at all.2- Both Somali President’s and Parliament term ended.3- The country's become a state of confusion.Are elections working in Somalia?. forget the three  explosion that happened yesterday only.let's go back to how the civil war started in Somalia.


For example: As commander of the armed forces, Siad Bare had taken control of Somalia, in the Horn of Africa, in 1969. The country of about nine million that time.long story short before we even talk about when the war started the rest of the country or central and southern Somalia,let's just talk about Somaliland.


In May 1988, fierce fighting broke out in the north between the Government and rebel group (SNM), who contended they had been discriminated against by the Siad Barre Government and were fighting for a more democratic Government.


A report commissioned by the State Department and made public in September 1989 said the Somali Army "purposely murdered" at least 5,000 unarmed civilians over a 10-month period in the early phases. The Government denied the allegation.thousands more people were reported killed in the months that followed, with allegations that the Somali military had bombed towns and strafed fleeing residents.this is how the city of Hargeisa looks like in 1991.

Amnesty International said in August 1988 that since early 1981 the Government had used torture and "widespread arbitrary arrests, ill treatment and summary executions" of civilians suspected of collaborating with the rebels or SNM.


before the collapse of the central government 1991,In June 1990, a hundred prominent citizens signed a declaration called the Mogadishu Manifesto, calling for Siad Bare  resignation and the appointment of a transitional government pending free elections. than what happened.Siad Bare called the manifesto "destructive," and jailed 45 of those who had signed it and the war Spreads central and southern Somalia.


Southern Somalia after more than 30 years of war,there is no offical goverment today after Somali President’s and Parliament term ended, means there is no political instability.What about Somaliland after 33 years since 1988?. this is City of Hargeisa in 2022.

omaliland has a government, two houses of parliament that were elected, and holds six elections past two decades. This is how peacefull is Somaliland and president Muse Bihi and other Somaliland politicians traveling one city to another by car.The real question is for how long  Mogdishu leaders can stay in Villa Somalia without election?.The answer is clear not long time for sure.


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