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Somalia Lacks Legitimate,Effective National Government

Somalia Lacks Legitimate, Effective National Government-Political Crisis In Somalia Doe to Spoilers in Somalia and its supporters- Is there a way out? Dealing with Spoilers.

Friday, March 11, 2022-When it cames Somalia a country with a civil war for a long time No One Can Agree What a Spoiler Is,But maybe this guide can help the people of Somalia or anybody who doesn't know what is going on inside Somalia.


1-Why do good people like Somalia or different part of the world is suffer?, The answer is simple,  If we put aside the “good”or "bad" ranking – for now – and ask why any women and children in Somalia suffering, there is only Eight words (SPOILERS) or group of spoilers. From Start to end the problem of Somalia is a


A-Spoilers in Somalia and its supporters.

B-The Somali Spoilers and their Motives.

C-Spoilers in Somalia: Sustaining the chaos as rational choice.

D-Spoilers in Somalia-Highest self-interest.

E-What are spoilers in Somalia?.

F-For how long do they last?

G- Is there a way out? Dealing with Spoilers.


That is one problem a group of spoilers called a politician. The other problem let's go back Overview Of Natural Resources Of Somalia.


Somalia is a country to hold large, untapped reserves of numerous natural resources such as iron ore, uranium, copper, tin, bauxite, gypsum, salt, and natural gas.These resources remain largely untapped and unexploited do to Somalia's unrest continues and the rest of the world called 

Somalia  a country with a poor infrastructure and the decades of civil war. For a long time, the country did not have a substantial government in place.However, millions of Somali's at risk of starvation every year doe to bad pollicy.


After all  the real queastion need to be answer is, for how countries like America, Europe,Middle East, Asian,South American, Canada,Australia, Newzealand and African countries or another word countries around the world who interesting to invest Somali's Natural Resourses and people of Somalia can both benefit the resources?.


One thing is clear-Poeple of Somalia who is suffering the most are just looking how to get a good governance and good leaders that shape the nation, call the people reconciliation, and organizations.What about you the west or rest of the world?.Unfortunately while the people of Somalia is suffer some countries are supporting individuals or group of spoilers that destroyed the will of the people.Is that countries came to benefit Somali resources or to kill innocent people who suffer 30 years of war?.

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